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Cookers for induction cookers: what is necessary and how to choose?

Today, pots and pans operate from different heat sources. Therefore, in addition to regular electric and gas burners, induction cookers are available, for which special dishes, such as pots, will be required.

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Hobs and induction hobs are increasingly being acquired and installed on modern kitchen work surfaces.

The advantages of induction rings are their function and efficiency.

However, these technological innovations require housewives and cooks to use special dishes for cooking. This is due to the features of the panel device.

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The surface of the plate is made of glass ceramic, inside an electromagnetic coil is placed , forming a magnetic field and the production of current, which acts as a source of heat position on the plate plate with the product. At the same time, the panel itself does not change its temperature.

In order for the whole process to function according to a set scheme, certain requirements are placed on the plates used on the plate.

  • First of all, it is necessary that the pan is made of metal (aluminum, copper, steel, etc.), which has magnetic properties. Glass, ceramics and other raw materials for which such characteristics do not exist will not heat up. The exception is equipment with a special magnetic bottom.
  • Another important condition that determines the compatibility of the dish with the induction cooker, will be the thickness and diameter of the bottom. The first parameter can vary in the range from 5 to 10 mm, while the diameter should not be less than 12 centimeters for maximum coverage of the hob on the basket. Pots with a thin bottom will become more quickly deformed under the influence of high temperatures.
  • In addition, the structure of the bottom is important. Pans can be made as a single sheet of stainless steel or with a bottom consisting of several layers (from 3 to 6), which together form a kind of "sandwich".

For the appropriate selection and operation of suitable equipment manufacturers use special writing and images.

The icon in this case will be made in the form of a circle, with the induction of the inscription.

You can check the compliance of the plate with a magnet, which should be attached to the bottom of the selected container.

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As the popularity of induction cookers increased, the variety of pans for sharing was distinguished by its diversity. Today, dishes are made from the following types of raw materials.

Stainless steel

Testing magnets before buying steel equipment is mandatory, as some trademarks in the manufacturing process use metal alloys that are not suitable for induction. On sale, you can find separate containers for cooking, as well as steel sets, which vary in size, shape and volume of displacement.

Pans made of steel that stand out for their resistance to oxidation, have a non -stick coating, are ideal for storing or transporting ready -to -eat foods.

Steel pans are lightweight, characterized by their strength and attractive appearance.

Among the disadvantages of the plate, it should be noted the tendency to overheat a lot, which can cause burns when handling carelessly.

In addition, traces of any contact remain on the shiny surface, which can complicate the maintenance of the pan.

Put the iron

Build In 5Iron sandboxes have a long history, because of their positive characteristics, they are still popular today, even for use on cooking surfaces of the latest generation.

The metal interacts strongly with the induction system, which stands out for its durability.

In the ironing pan, the food becomes warm, so the dish is cooked many times faster, the metal makes the food warm for a long time.

In addition, cast iron is considered completely safe to use and direct contact with food.

However, cast iron pots are characterized by their impressive mass. Also, if handled carelessly, containers that fall on stone or tiled floors can break.

Enameled container

Cut similar materials are perfect for induction, because they are composed of metal, coated with enamel. Such containers are not distinguished by high cost, have large operating resources and attractive appearance.

But for induction induction, it is recommended to buy a flat flat pot that will not produce excessive noise during operation.

The raw material is completely safe for human health, the dish can be stored in enamel containers after cooking.


So such dishes can be used with induction plates, many manufacturers also include metal alloys at the bottom.

As a rule, stainless steel is used for this.


Transparent glass pans can also be operated on induction panels.

They are found to be sold less frequently, but have an attractive appearance.

Glass stands out for its environmental friendliness, easy care.

To influence the interaction of the container with the burner, the manufacturer also provides the pan with a special magnetic bottom.

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Today there are pots of various sizes available for sale, however, the thickness of the bottom is very important. As a rule, it is from 0.5 to 1 centimeter.

For optimal measurements, the cooking tank must be such that it occupies at least 70% of the entire working burner area, with which interaction will take place.

If the dish is smaller, the electric current will start to spread without contacting the bottom of the pan.

In addition to the fact that it is not possible to prepare food in this way, the magnetic field will also have a negative impact on nearby equipment and the person.

When choosing a dish for cooking, it is necessary to take into account that the speed of cooking directly depends on the contact area between the container and the stove.

Therefore, it is better to get a comfortable 3, 5 or 10 liter pan, its diameter is wide, but with low walls.

Some induction hob modifications have an automatic adjustment function to the size of the container used.

If the burner handles interaction with the bottom of the pan, then any vessel can be used: from the smallest volume up to 10 liters and more.

There are several manufacturers of cookware for induction cookers, but not all of them can boast of great popularity.

Based on reviews, most often for induction cooking surfaces choose dishes of the following brands.

  • Fissler. Cookware from a German manufacturer that offers users a set of several pots for cooking in an induction kitchen. Capacity stands out for their stylish design, ergonomic shape and high quality. However, this line refers to a class of expensive kitchen appliances.
  • Woll. The elite line of specialty tableware, the feature of the product is their manual manufacture.Panci is a different amount, the bottom thickness is in 10 mm. The tank is available with a non-stick titanium-ceramic coating.
  • Tefal. World -renowned French manufacturer, offering lines from the TitaniumPro and PrivilegePro series.
  • Rondell. For induction cookers, you can choose dishes from this German brand. All pans show high quality during operation.
  • "VSPMO". Domestic manufacturers offer a special series of dishes, produced under the name "Gourmet". The product has successfully passed the certification, therefore, has an international standard quality mark.

Election rules

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When you buy the first dish for an induction cooker, there may be reasonable doubts about the compatibility of the product with the cooking surface.

Go to the store, it is recommended to take a magnet with you, which will be able to check the nature of the bottom of the container you like.

In addition, it is important to know the additional nuances in which the chosen pan must fit.

  • The highlight is the bottom thickness. It is possible to buy a product with a thin plate on the bottom, however, there is a high probability that during the operation of the bottom changes from high temperature. Such dishes in the process of cooking will produce too much noise. It is possible that the taste of the product may also deteriorate.
  • As a material for the walls, you can use any raw material, so you can choose the model you like, as long as the bottom has ferromagnetic properties.
  • Quality products from the manufacturer, designed for induction cookers, will necessarily be marked with a spiral icon. Also on the product may be Induction inscription, which will greatly facilitate the choice of the buyer.

Operating Tips

Every kitchen appliance requires regular maintenance and proper maintenance, and pots for induction cookers are no exception.

But based on their characteristics, they will require adherence to some important recommendations, which will allow to maintain an attractive and functional capacity for a long time.

  • As a rule, most pots can be safely washed not only by hand, but also in the dishwasher. It is best to clean the surface from dirt and food debris immediately, without waiting for foreign particles to dry into the container. This eliminates the need for harsh chemical compounds and hard metal scrapers that can damage the bottom and sides of the pan, which will affect the appearance and further contact with the induction hob.
  • For washing it is correct to reject aggressive detergents that can damage the enamel coating on the dishes, as well as lead to corrosion on the metal.
  • Iron sand tubs should be washed with hot water using a soft sponge. Then immediately wipe the container dry inside and out to eliminate the risk of rust.
  • Aluminum dishes can be easily cleaned of any fat deposits using table vinegar. With a sponge dipped in this solution, you just need to scrub the problem area so that the pan has an attractive appearance again.
  • For enamelware there are proven tools that will save capacity from dark areas on the surface. To keep the dish need to boil it with water with the addition of baking soda.
  • It is necessary to use a vase on a plate with magnetic properties, placing the containers tightly in the center of the burner until the bottom covers half of the area.
  • The use of induction cookers and cooking containers is contraindicated for people with pacemakers and other electronic devices.
  • While cooking, it is not recommended to bring your hands very close to the surface of the plate, because the emerging radiation will harm the person who is already one centimeter from the source of the magnetic field.
  • To cook in such a stove can not use pots that previously operated on a gas burner. This is due to the presence of carbon in the outer walls, which will be a hindrance to the operation of the induction panel. Also, in the future there may be problems with cleaning the burner itself from soot.Kastryuli Dlya Indukcionnyh Plit Kakimi Dolzhny Byt I Kak Vybrat 37

The secret of pot selection for induction cookers can be found in the video.

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