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How does an induction hob work?

If you are determined to buy a new induction hob you will surely know that their surface does not heat up and they are faster, but why? What is the operation of an induction hob? Stay and read us in this new post on the Hinco blog to find out perfectly about the mechanics of induction hobs and know better which one to choose for your home.

Como Funciona Induccion

How do induction hobs work?

Until the appearance of this induction cooker technology, the only way to heat pans and pots was by transmitting heat, either on a gas hob through the fire flame or on a common glass-ceramic hob by heating their resistances by the passing of electricity. With induction all this changed.

The operation of an induction cooker or induction ceramic hob is very simple but at the same time complicated, the name of induction is because they use the technology with the same name. Induction is about the generation of a magnetic field that in contact with a ferromagnetic metal container, causes it to heat up, and by contact, heats food.

This principle, known as Faraday's law, was formulated in 1831. In a very technical way, this law states that the voltage induced in a closed circuit is directly proportional to the speed with which the magnetic flux through a surface changes over time. anyone with the circuit as an edge. In turn, the Cage Effect also comes into play, whereby if electrical current circulates in a conduit, part of the electrons in motion are transformed into heat due to the collisions that occur with the conduit through which they circulate.

Have you heard anything? I don't ... I'm going to try to explain how induction hobs work for mortals:

The induction hob detects that you have placed a container on its surface and begins to agitate it by means of magnetic waves in one direction and in another quickly, the absorbed energy is given off in the form of heat, heating the container and by contact heats the food inside . For this to occur, the material of the kitchen utensil must be ferromagnetic, that is, our aluminum, terracotta pots will not be worth it ...

There are induction hobs that also take advantage of this technology to adapt to the shapes and sizes of the containers, turning on only the parts in contact with it. Thus, you can choose for your kitchen an induction hob with a flexible zone that will adapt to containers of different sizes and shapes.

Induction hob models

If you are going to decide on an induction hob for your home, you can consult our online catalog to compare various models with a multitude of different features, prices and opinions, to choose wisely. Next, we present a small list of some of the models that we have in our online store and that have great advantages.

As we mentioned, today there are many highly innovative induction hobs with flexible cooking zones. This

This Hincoo single induction hob also has flexible cooking zones. But, in addition, it has great cooking facilities. It has installed 10 direct recipes with temperature sensors. You can choose between grill, fry, poach, keep warm, iron, boil ... You will only have to select the preparation you want and your Teak plate will do the rest. On the other hand, to continue making your daily life easier, it also includes the Stop & Go function.This will allow you that, with just one touch, all the zones you have in operation are reduced to level 1 power. So if you have to take a call or open the door, you will ensure that your recipes are not ruined by leaving them unattended for a moment.

Single Induction Cooker

This Hincoo multi-induction hob has special functions that will be very useful in your everyday cooking. One of them is its 4-level oil temperature control. To be able to fry the foods you want in the best way for healthy and tasty results, it is important to always cook with the perfect oil temperature. This black plate will notify you when the oil has reached the ideal temperature depending on the level you have chosen (sauté, soft, medium or strong). Another incredible advantage of this model is its Sprint function, which will help you boil water or heat your food more quickly, setting the maximum power of the selected zone for 10 minutes.


You can check all the induction hobs available on our official website if you still have doubts about which hob to choose for your kitchen. Do not hesitate to go to other articles on our blog to find out about everything you need to equip your home:

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