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How does the induction cooker work?

Find out how the induction cooker works and what benefits it can bring to your home

The induction cooker models have attracted the attention of those who want a renovated kitchen, with a more modern look in the house, and also of people who want to give up using gas to prepare their food.

Among the advantages of induction cookers are safety - since it does not use gas or fire -, energy savings and a personal design for your food space, as it needs to be installed on countertops, it is great for planned kitchens . However, many people still have doubts about how it works and what precautions to take with one of these devices.

The operation of the induction cooker

The induction cooker is a type of electric cooker, that is, it works based on electric energy and not gas, like conventional stoves (this one may or may not have an entrance for electric energy, but it only serves to produce the crack that ignites the automatic ignition).

The main difference then between the induction models and the simply electric models is the way the heating is done in the device. In the case of electric stoves, the heating of the pot is done directly by electricity, which circulates through the appliance's internal wires and is concentrated in the metal under the nozzles, causing them to heat up and, consequently, heat the pot.

But induction cookers, as we said, are a little different. They also use electrical energy, but the heating is done by magnetic induction. This means that the device creates an electromagnetic field between the inside and the inside of the pan, which in turn generates currents that circulate between objects and heat the pan and what it contains.

B:BDJ77 01 1238x640 2 1024x576Advantages of induction cookers

This heating method has several advantages for the user. First, security. Since it has no flames and is heated by electromagnetic induction, the surface of this stove is not hot for human hands. This is great if you have children at home, as they will not burn if they accidentally touch the surface of the appliance (or if you are a little distracted). The induction cooker also cools quickly after use.

Because it has a smooth surface, it is also easier to clean the device and maintain it. Another point to take into account when buying a stove of this type is its efficiency: while it is true that it consumes more electricity, it is also capable of heating and cooling with greater precision and speed.

Cookware for induction cooker

It is not possible to use all types of pots with the induction cooker. If you intend to purchase a model of this type, stick with stainless steel, triple-bottom or cast iron cookware. To find out if your pan can be used on this stove, you can also test it by placing a magnet on the outer base of the pan: if the magnet sticks, it can be used.

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