How We Picked the Best Induction Cookers

We know that there are a lot of components which go into finding the best induction cooker. From the looks, price and ease of control to the power, capacity and hob space, we tried to cover all bases to help you find the one which really stands out in your eyes.
We love modern cookers which provide the foundations but also come loaded with innovative features and specifications, but for some of you, finding a basic model which goes back to basics may be more essential. The retro, dated look may also fit into your kitchen more than a modern option, so there are a few of those too.
Here are some of the things we take into account:

  • Value – As mentioned, it is important that we find cookers which not only excel in capability but are also value for money. We have done that with this list; these top rated cookers with induction hobs come available in different budgets. Even those at the top of the price scale are fantastic value.
  • Features – We ensure that the cookers we select come with all the main basics and important features. On top of that we look out for any other clever technology including specialist pizza functions, timers and cleaning coatings.
  • Cavities – Essentially, the cooking chambers. We prefer more cavities as it offers more cooking options, but if you are looking for the largest chambers, you may have to stick to one or two cavities. Some of the range cookers options provide a warming drawer, slow cooker function, storage and a separate grill.
  • Capacity – Capacity is important. Big families will need more than 60 litres, but the larger the capacity, the bigger the dimensions usually are.
  • Induction Hob – One thing all these cookers have in common is that they come armed with an induction hob. We test how powerful it is, how energy efficient and how easy they are to clean before taking the cooking cavities into account.
  • Style – Acquiring a stylish cooker that will fit into your beautiful kitchen is important. We love some of the bespoke designs that the best brands have provided, and you have pretty free choices when it comes to colour, finishes and design.
  • Self Cleaning – A feature that stands alone is the self-cleaning function. Whether that is a particular setting or simply specialist liners, they all help us avoid the job of wiping the grease from our cooker. We always look out for self-cleaning attributes.
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