607B3 Single Induction Cooker

Induction cooker components

Components as below pictures:





It is light board for man-machine dialogue window. At present, our conpany light board is divided into three categories: Sensor light board, Push button light board and Wire-controlled light board.






Temperature sensor (thermal head) for the machine oven surface temperature sensing device, the core component is a thermistor.


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PVC, applicable to key models (including wire control); touch sensor models do not need a label, the use of black crystal integrated panel or tempered glass plate screen printing instructions function. Customers generally call the "surface shell + microcrystalline plate + sign" integrated accessories as "face shell assembly". Face shell + microcrystalline plate + sign pressed together, called "press glue".

The heating plate is made of high temperature resistant copper wire.

In 2021, the main promotion of double-layer aluminum wire disc. Double-layer high-efficiency heat reel: double-layer structure, energy efficiency improvement, double-layer aluminum wire reel than single-layer copper wire reel energy efficiency increased by 0.7%, heat dissipation performance improved, product quality improved.


Advantages of aluminum bobbin: 1. Aluminum bobbin cost advantage to maintain the competitive advantage of the market; 2. Double-layer aluminum bobbin energy efficiency increased by 0.7%, more energy-saving. 3. Double-layer heating, more uniform fire. 4. More reliable process. Original bracket structure and winding method, between the layers and lines to achieve sparse winding unique technology, faster heat dissipation, more to avoid short circuit between the ZhaZha, the upper and lower layer short circuit, resulting in product quality hidden trouble; 5. more mature research and development. 6. aluminum bobbin heat transfer coefficient is smaller than copper wire, small density and light weight.


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Fuse (fuse) is also called a fuse. Installed in the circuit to ensure the safe operation of the circuit. Current abnormal rise to a certain height, the fuse will itself fuse cut off the power supply, thereby protecting the safe operation of the circuit.

Diode: Using its unidirectional conductivity, the alternating direction of alternating current is transformed into a single direction of pulsed direct current.

Adjustable resistor, also called variable resistor, the size of its resistance can be artificially adjusted to meet the needs of the circuit.

Power IC: voltage stabilization, voltage conversion, pulse width modulation, power detection and protection, high output current, low on-state resistance.

CPU: temperature controller. Power on/off switching control. Heating fire / fixed temperature control. Automatic function control. No load detection and automatic shutdown. Key function input detection. Over temperature protection. Pot detection. Oven surface overheating notification. Heat dissipation fan control.


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Porcelain chip capacitor: signal coupling role. Pin holder: used for small electric flow detection and electric capacity detection, high voltage amount detection, R/F amount detection, I/O point amount detection.

Triode: control the size of the current, can amplify the current, there is a role of voltage regulation.


三极管 Triode 电解电容 Electrolytic Capacitor IGBT


Electrolytic capacitor features: the electric capacity per unit volume is very large, tens to hundreds of times larger than other kinds of capacitors. The constituent materials are common industrial materials, such as aluminum, which are less costly.

IGBT (power tube): Insulated triple bipolar power tubes, used in AC motors, inverters, switching power supplies, lighting circuits, traction drives and other fields.


Rectifier bridge (bridge stack): Rectifier bridge is four diodes encapsulated in a shell, through the diode's single conduction function, the alternating current is converted into a one-way DC pulsating voltage.


1.整流桥 1. Rectifier Bridge 2.散热片     2. Heat Sink 3.接线柱   3. Terminal 4.蜂鸣器(用于发警报声) 4. Buzzer (used To Sound The Alarm)


组合 1


Control panel --- control box Base plate --- base cover Power board --- main board Control board --- light board Pressure spool --- exhaust pipe Cockroach cover into the mothballs to prevent cockroaches.



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