Top 10 Induction Cookers Which brand is the best in 2022

Due to the fact that our world has changed and developed continuously, especially the production of new innovations such as the latest kitchen appliances. Which has several purposes Whether it is for people who need to control weight. Or people who want to do a variety of divisions But all of them have methods of cooking without using gas anymore. Which today we will review a kitchenware called "Induction cooker" together

Cooktop InducaoJust listening to the name might make a lot of people question what it was, 30 years ago or so, we still had a pan or a gas stove used for cooking. But now that the world has changed us to make life easier and more convenient, many people are starting to choose a portable induction cooker. Because of its advantages, it is convenient, safe and easily transportable. If talking about an old stove with a large gas tank It is convenient and suitable for highly skilled and experienced cooks. But nowadays, butler - housekeeper or younger or working age needs convenience. More emphasis on speed

Before you want to replace or find an electric stove to replace your old gas stove. There are a number of things you need to know, for example, what an induction cooker is, how it works, what it can be used for. Where are the elimination Is it safe to use? And what are the advantages of electric stoves?

What is an induction cooker

Induction cooker Or as some people call it Induction furnace is a stove that works by means of induction. Just place the container on the stove. And expose the container to heat that transmits magnetic waves But the stove will not be hot. Because the heat will be generated only by the container on the stove. Therefore, the face, including the stove, can be wiped clean after every use. Since this is a stove that uses magnetic induction to generate heat for cooking. Therefore, the utensils used in cooking must be made from materials that can be used as induction, such as stainless steel or iron.

Induction Alu. Pan

Recommendations for anyone who is not sure that Is your utensil compatible with an induction cooker? You put the magnet at the bottom of the container. And observe whether the magnet is stuck on the bottom of the container or not If they are attached to each other, then they can be used in conjunction with an induction cooker. Or observe the container when purchased, if there is the word Induction on the label Can be used together as well

The advantages of induction cookers

Easy to maintain Because the surface of the stove emits heat by electromagnetic power, there are no soot stains on the bottom of the pan like a normal gas stove, of course. In addition, various cooking utensils that do not require the use of gas. Considered a good choice For emergencies or severe situations The current epidemic of COVID-19 This requires everyone to remain confined to the shelter and to maintain a distance between society. Refrain from going outside the house Therefore, the induction cooker is considered as another indispensable item. During the need Cope with the coronavirusConsidered suitable for people who do not live in a large family. Or people in the dormitory and apartment Going out is difficult. Order delivery every day is too wasteful. They are also unsure about the hygiene of the cook. Therefore, cooking your own food with an induction cooker is a no less interesting idea.

How to buy an induction cooker

1.Select quality materials

Induction hobs, connectors, plugs and wires are your top picks.They're made from quality and standardized, durable materials and made from heat-resistant materials. Corrosion resistant And the melting from the heat for a long time, and various internal devices should be treated with a rust-proof coating.

Electric Stove Wiring Picture From Hinco

2.Power and heat level adjustment

Power and the function to adjust the heat level; It is quite important. Because if the power is too small It may cause food to heat up slowly or cook slowly, which will cost you more time cooking more. Of course, everyone will want high power. To cook food quickly and everyone needs adjustable heat levels to make a variety of dishes. Therefore, it is not surprising that the power and the hot leveling will cost more in the same direction. That is, those properties will Is the one that sets the price

3.Easy to clean

Food and oil splashed from a pot or pan While cooking, the stains often get stuck on the stove. Therefore, you should choose a induction hob that can be easily cleaned with a wipe. Without leaving any stains

Induction Cooker Cleaner 1

4.Safety functions

That normal gas stove It is considered relatively low security. Because if accidentally left the light on The gas is not completely turned off. Or gas leaks It may easily cause a fire accident which these problems will never happen with an induction cooker for sure. But there is one thing that you have to focus on. It is a security system, such as an automatic power cut system. Prevents unplugging or leaving the machine open And on some models there is a notification for the usable container that it can be used together or not.

5.Product warranty

You should always choose a product that has a product warranty. Because if the induction cooker has problems during transportation Or during use We will be able to submit a claim without additional costs, sure enough.

So today we would like to introduce you to a new generation version of the stoves to choose from. Let's take a look at our top 10 picks. Which brand meets your needs the most?



And the 10th place for this week is Smart Home to save money by working. Variety of such as warm, stew, soup, stir fry, frying, high heat, boiling water, and this suki, we come with a stainless steel pot, thick glass lid, heat resistant. And you still can Accepts up to 5 types of work and is indispensable to the material, the machine is made of PP plastic, the pot is made of stainless steel. The front of the stove is easy to wipe clean because it uses high-quality ceramics and a price that many people can touch. Options for you to decide.


  • Stainless steel pot, heat resistant glass lid
  • Light weight
  • Comes with a touch keypad.
Maximum power2000 watts
Size (width, length, height)28.0 x 5 x 35 cm.



Induction Cooker Another side of the AJ brand, which we often see in the media, has the same qualifications as we have mentioned about Imarflex in terms of reducing pollution. Heat resistant Protect the environment as well And we add the difference with the features of the IN-001B, add a safety system, automatically cut off the power when you forget to set the power for 1 minute and stop working within 2 hours if not in use. We believe that everyone has forgotten to turn off the light switch as well. This is very dangerous. This is a fairly common cause of the loss. Sometimes we are unaware of it. So this system came up To pay attention to your safety.


  • Functions to use 7 functions
  • You can choose from fried, stir-fried, boil, warm, soup, BBQ, grill, hot pot, you can choose your own creation.
  • Your favorite food is cooked quickly. Because it has a high thermal efficiency of 82%
Net weight1.75 KG.
Maximum power1800 watts
Power220 volts
frequency50 hertz
Induction cooker from China. Inside is a Chinese document. But it's easy to use, don't worry. Come to a grand with 100 features up mode favorite dishes create multiple menus Allows you to choose your freedom, creativity, and design your food together, whether it's fried, boiled, or any other. With a more modern induction cooker Because the inventor believes that If the heat does not meet the needs of the food The food doesn't look appealing at all, right? And this guy can give you a traditional stove-top cooking experience as well.


  • It can lock the pot temperature for a long time.
  • Separate water and electricity to avoid leakage.
  • Smart heat control
Net weight6 KG.
Maximum power2100 watts
Power220 volts
Product size31 x 31 x 8.00 centimec


Answering the needs of those who save the world Together again and reduce the smoke and fire pollution Lightweight and easy to carry with the induction cooker IF-865 because it is controlled by a microchip. And have safe functionality This appliance does not cause flames or smoke. They have a heating pad. Will help work faster Durable and reduces pollution, saves time, saves energy. Answer the question for people who do not think much. Easy to cook, easy to eat food, no need to be skilled at learning to have this one. Single certification is also Then you can also choose a menu of up to 8 functions to show your lover's skills. Or you can eat it yourself


  • Adjust the heat from 80-240 degrees.
  • There are 8 functions to select from the menu.
  • Digital display screen
Net weight2 KG.
Maximum power2000 watts
Power220 volts
frequency50 hertz


One more generation With a famous brand familiar with Electrolux, with its lightness you can bring it to a sukiyaki boil or organize a home cooking party. Can move easily In case someone wants to pick a nick with him, this one will use it for cooking in a warm setting. Can choose It also helps to keep food temperature constant. Besides being lightweight The uniqueness is the function of the Pot Detector. He can turn off automatically when no container is placed. Some models are still popular, but this model is completely closed, man, when it takes 30 to 180 minutes to set the cooking time yourself. And the end of the Child Lock function will protect you if you accidentally press the control button.


  • Beautiful, compact design
  • Accurate power control
  • The surface is not hot.
  • Add an extra 2 m long power cord.
Net weight1.8 KG.
Maximum power2000 watts
Power220-240 volts
frequency50/60 Hz


Cooking is no longer a difficult thing. I am familiar, like I have heard it. Where? Let's start with the brand Electrolux model ETD42SKR. This is a touch control. Simple and modern design Materials used are made of ceramics. Ensure easy cleaning when using and strong, with 6 functions to choose from, and can control the heat up to 8 levels, including you will be comfortable when someone has the kids at home, young children. Special for this person, additional safety system, locking system, preventing children to touch the machine (Chid Lock)

Special point

  • There is a system to prevent children from playing. Safe for those around you
  • The surface is made of ceramic glass that is easy to wipe off.
Net weight1.8KG.
Maximum power2000 watts
Power220-240 volts
frequency50-60 Hz


Let's continue. Audience with another set of Tefal, the number one selling brand. All over the world in the group of cookware Tefal does not cease to develop and innovate. For the culinary lover like you can cook the best food, Shabu Shabu Set comes with stir-fry and hot pot function. Help you, butler, housekeeper, heat up food quickly, in fact, the working class boy can use this machine easily, 6 operation modes: cooking function (boil, steam, simmer, fry, stir-fry, hot pot) and You can set precise cooking times. With a maximum set time of 23 hours 59 minutes


  • If you do not use it for 3 minutes, the automatic shut-off for you.
  • Heats food quickly Accelerate the heat more with Boost Mode
  • Front plate, high quality ceramic material, easy to clean.
Power adjustable10 levels
Maximum power2000 watts
Capacity8.8 liters
Power adjustable10 levels from 100 to 2100 watts


You'll love it easier to cook. With an interesting function of the Philips 2100 watt induction cooker HD4911, his ability is to cook food quickly with 2100 watts of heat, 5 levels of heat adjustment, if you like speed, do not wait long Take a look at this model. It is said to reduce the cooking time with traditional gas stoves by up to one third, culminating in a 24-hour preset timer function to set the cooking time. It's so good.


  • High power for faster food preparation 2100 watts
  • Digital display Control work by itself

Special point

  • You can set a self-timer to 120 minutes.
  • Adjust the heat quickly and safely
  • Save time
Net weight2 KG.
Maximum power2100 watts
Power220 volts
frequency50 hertz


Come alone, don't take Let's be a team, look for a set, come here. Seagal Touch is here. Come together in a set With the kitchen set Sea Gal Touch Inside contains Touch induction cooker Induction hob, Teflon pan, 26 cm site, and classic saucepan, plus 20 cm. In that part of the structure Made of heat-stabilizing plastic with large ventilation fan You don't have to buy separately. They've come and don't forget to come and go.


  • Electric stoves receive a fiber-saving label 5
  • Touch type electric magnetic hob with pot and lid Do not buy separately.
Maximum power2000 watts
Power220-240 volts

* Note: Product prices are subject to change. Depending on the conditions And promotions of each shop


And here are 10 of the most popular induction cookers that are affordable. And also has good quality in use Are both strong and durable Easy to clean Easy to maintain Considered as an induction cooker suitable for people who want comfort. Emphasize the speed of cooking. It is also very suitable for beginners to use the kitchen a lot because you can choose it according to your skills Which is considered an induction cooktop electric stove. Best answer to the needs of new people

Finally, whether the food is delicious or not But if you care to make someone love your family or yourself. Just as you have chosen to buy an electric stove, believe it. Your food will definitely be valuable and delicious because of the word "pay attention". We hope you enjoy your daily cooking. See you again


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