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What Kind of Induction Cooker Should I Buy Now In 2022

Induction cooker - The product line helps to maximize cooking and save time for housewives. And which type of induction cooker is good is the question of many consumers today. On the market, there are many product lines with diverse designs, designs, prices... how to choose the most suitable and suitable kitchen? Let's join TOP REVIEW to find out all the information about induction cookers as well as the most valuable product lines to buy today! Discover now!

1. What is the best brand to buy a stove from today?

Here are some kitchen brands to help you answer the question " Which brand should I buy a stove from ?"?

1.1. Bosch Induction Cooker

When giving the survey "Which type of induction cooker is good?", the vast majority of consumers voted for Bosch induction cookers . Because Bosch is the world's leading brand in the field of supplying kitchen equipment and home appliances. Its induction cooker products have many modern features such as automatic power-off when overflowing and always ensure safety.

The multi-plate induction cooker of this brand is usually divided into a large tray and small trays. This makes it easy for users to use and saves energy. Kitchen brands cost between 10 and 30 million VND.

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1.2. Kitchen from Dusler

After BOSCH, please refer to the kitchen brand Dusler – a brand that is famous for its durability, quality and aesthetics in each product.

Why choose a kitchen from Dusler?

Dusler is a German brand of high-class kitchen equipment. Dusler induction cookers are equipped with smart cooking features and superlative convenience. Components used for products from the world's leading famous brands such as EGO (Germany), Schott ceran (Germany), EURO KERA (France) will bring to consumers outstanding technology products. and durable over time.


Dusler kitchen distributor system:

1. DAI PHAT KITCHEN: No. 1207 Giai Phong, Thinh Liet, Hoang Mai, Hanoi - Tel: 0934986988 -0943894403

2. KITCHEN WORLD: No. 133 TAY SON, DONG DA, HN – Tel: 0962755755

3. EUROPEAN KITCHEN: No. 161 Tay Son, Dong Da, Hanoi- Tel: 0966708706

1.3. Kitchen from Chefs

Which type of induction cooker is good at a reasonable price? Compared with imported CBU products, the kitchen from Chefs has a cheaper price. Because it is assembled and manufactured right in Vietnam. After nearly 10 years since its launch, Chefs induction cookers have been trusted and chosen by many consumers. Most of the company's stoves use ceramic glass with good resistance. Besides, when buying a kitchen, you will be warranted for a fairly long period of 36 months. The company has many facilities and showroom system, so you can easily find a kitchen.

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1.4. Kitchen from Teka

When asked which type of induction cooker is good , the name Teka is also mentioned a lot. Not only being popular in Europe, the company also gained a lot of attention from Asian users, including Vietnam. Teka kitchen brand has been around for more than 100 years, this is one of the world's leading brands in high-end kitchen equipment with built-in cabinets. In Vietnam, Teka induction cooker has been on the market for more than 15 years and this is also one of the first induction cooker brands sold in Vietnam. Up to now, although there are many brands of induction cookers, Teka induction cookers are still distinguished by their quality and beautiful design.

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1.5. Bluestone brand induction cooker

Which type of kitchen is good and luxurious? Bluestone brand induction cooker attracts users right from its extremely luxurious design appearance. This is an American brand trusted by many families. With the stove from this company, users can easily clean it after cooking. The product also has high advantages in terms of durability, bearing capacity and many other benefits.


1.6. Kitchen from Sunhouse brand

Sunhouse is one of the famous household appliances brands in the market with many quality products. The Sunhouse induction cooker attracts buyers with its eye-catching design, suitable for any kitchen space, equipped with a glass surface that is heat-resistant, good-strength, scratch-resistant and very easy to clean.

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2. Should buy an induction cooker or not?

Induction hob is a smart and safe cooking device. So what are the reasons to choose to buy and use an induction cooker?

The ability to save electricity of the induction cooker

The cooking zone of the induction cooker has the ability to save absolutely electricity. With the direct heat transfer method, without intermediaries, the induction cooker does not consume fuel to heat the glass surface as well as to heat the surrounding air.

The stove only focuses the current on heating the bottom of the pot. As a result, the cooking efficiency of the induction cooker reaches 90% and minimizes energy consumption and cooking time.

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