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Which is better, ceramic hob or induction hob?

Should you select a ceramic hob or induction hob for the next kitchen remodeling? One of them is much safer ...

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A couple of years back, induction hobs discovered their place in our residences, and also several fell in love with the home heating price they offer. Nonetheless, is your induction hob worth its credibility? What are the differences between an induction hob and a ceramic hob?

Cooking on an induction hob

" I recommend an induction hob for everybody," says Nghia Phan of Gigant in Norway. the rings or fridge magnets do not make the cooktop heat up, "Phan ensures.
If you've used a ceramic hob in the past and also you're used to transforming the plate completely, you now have to discover a brand-new method, "Phan explains.

" That's why objects on the cooktop or over-boiling food don't capture fire or catch on."
Just how rapidly the water warms up to steam on an induction hob depends upon the material of the cookware. " Some products warm up faster than others. A lot of economical cookware is constructed from aluminum alloy. They also hold a lot more sound than a lot more expensive cookware. I recommend getting quality thick-bottomed dishes, "Phan claims.

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Ceramic hobs

The heating element of the ceramic hob is located under the glass surface area. It warms the glass surface, which in turn heats the cookware. Home heating food or boiling water takes longer.
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Smart induction hob

“Some induction hobs allow very precise temperature control. Heating the food to just the right temperature is easier and melting chocolate or butter, for example, is effortless, ”says Phan. The cooking zones have preset temperature ranges, which prevent food from burning.

Some induction hobs also work in conjunction with a ventilation system. “Turning on the stove also turns on the cooker hood and turns it off a few minutes after the stove is turned off,” Phan says. “Induction cookers with a cook function are also new on the market. That’s a great feature for me. ” For example, when you start making a sauce, you must first use a high temperature and then lower the heat gradually. Your induction hob does this for you, so you don’t have to worry about the sauce bottom burning. The induction hob also makes it easier to cook in large containers.


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If you've utilized a ceramic hob in the past and you're used to turning the plate complete, you currently have to learn a brand-new method, "Phan explains.

This is not possible with ceramic hobs.

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