Your induction hob no longer turns on? 8 causes and solutions

Your induction hob no longer turns on? What to do? How do you know what is wrong?

If your device is still under warranty, do not attempt to repair it. Take it immediately to after-sales service.

If you are out of warranty, there are a few things you can try to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.


Check the power supply

When an electrical device no longer turns on, the first instinct is to check if it is powered and if it is sufficiently. There are many sources of the power supply problem for an induction hob.

  • The current is cut off

Poor contact in any electrical device can cause the circuit breaker to trip and blow the fuse. So, if your induction hob suddenly turns off and does not turn on, first check that there is no power cut.

When the power returns, unplug your device for at least 10 minutes. When you turn it back on, it will reset, and work properly.

  • Cable or wall outlet is not working

If there was no power cut, examine the induction hob cable: it should not bend, nor show a trace of the cut wire. Then, plug this cable into a well-functioning wall outlet, such as the oven or dishwasher. The device should then turn on. If it remains off, the failure is therefore not due to a plug problem.


  • The connection inside the hob is faulty

The induction hob will no longer turn on if there is any cut or poor contact among the electric cables that connect the control and the heating systems of each fireplace. This can happen when hot liquid spills onto the hob and spills underneath until it reaches the wired network.

Then check the connection inside the plate. Connect the wires if there is a break, connect them well, so as to avoid any bad contact. Tighten the terminal block screws securely, and solve the burn problems. But beware! Get assistance from a professional technician if you do not have electrical knowledge.

So what if the induction hob still won't turn on?

If all the solutions concerning the electrical connections have not been successful, it is time to call a professional repairer. The failure of your induction hob may be due to the failure of certain parts.

  • The power regulator or the switch is no longer in good condition

The power regulator makes sure that the induction hob emits the same power you ask for when you turn on the appliance. On some brands, the switch fulfills this role. Thus, depending on the brand (Brandt, Rosières, or others), either you have a power regulator, or you have a switch.

Check therefore that this element is not unplugged, that its terminals are clean, and that there are no cracks or signs of burning. If this part is no longer in good condition, it is better to replace it. This should restart the ignition of your stove.

  • The fan does not start

If your induction hob turns off right after it is turned on, the fan may be the cause. The device turns on, but there is a lack of air due to the fan not starting. And it is for this reason that it turns off immediately afterward.

If you can do that, take the fan apart, dust it off, and try to spin it. If it doesn't work, it must be changed. If it turns properly, the problem of the stove not turning on is quite another.

  • The electronic card is out of order


It is possible that your device no longer turns on because its electronic card is faulty. Unfortunately, this element is more difficult to access. We, therefore, advise you to call a professional technician to disassemble and diagnose this part. Only he can tell you if the card can be repaired, or if it needs to be replaced.

Either way, ask for a quote on whether it is worth repairing this item, whether it is more beneficial to replace it.

What if the induction hob turns on but doesn't work?

The induction hob may turn on, but not work. If it can't even heat your dish, the hotplate is not detecting the pan. There are two reasons that can cause this failure.

  • The hob is dirty

Induction and ceramic hobs are located under a glass table on which the utensil is placed. Food crumbs and liquids spilled on them can interfere with the proper functioning of these ranges. This is because this dirt may prevent the cooker from detecting the pan. This hob must therefore be cleaned with a microfiber cloth and suitable cleaning products.

  • The saucepan you used is not suitable for the hob


Unlike a glass-ceramic, the induction hob requires a certain quality of utensils. It can only detect casseroles with a ferromagnetic base: made of cast iron or steel.

The fireplace will never detect a pot or pan made of copper, aluminum, or other incompatible materials. And so it won't turn on. Indeed, with the technology of electromagnetism, the fireplace only turns on when it detects something on the hob. It switches off automatically as soon as the pan is removed.

Induction hob ignition problem: solutions within everyone's reach

In general, an induction cooker that no longer turns on just needs a few basic checks.

Check that there is no power cut, that the plug and the power cable are working correctly, that the electrical connections inside the hob are within the standards. Sometimes a cleaning session or a simple change of pan is enough to solve the failure.

If the induction hob refuses to turn on despite all these solutions, there may be a faulty part somewhere.

It is probably the power regulator or the switch that is no longer in good condition. Or it may be necessary to replace the fan or the electronic board. In this case, the intervention of a professional technician is recommended.

In any case, do not try to repair the device if you still plan to run its warranty. Even if you think you can easily achieve the suggested solutions, just check the wall outlet, as well as reset the plate. If you fix even a wire, you can say goodbye to the warranty.


Pan pan

Your hob no longer works. Before considering replacing it, you can try to identify the fault. It is often easy to find the faulty spare part and replace it yourself: The induction hob no longer turns on, no longer works The induction hob trips or jumps the weights The induction hob does not heat up anymore The induction hob whistles makes noise, or ticks The hob no longer detects pots or pans


A spare part of your plate is broken or has a problem

Changing the burner cap on a gas stove The electronic board of the plate is defective The flame of the gas plate is no longer going, the injectors must be changed The button on the plate no longer fits The plate temperature does not match The gas no longer switches off automatically when the flame goes out The tap has blocked The hotplate of a hob no longer heats up


The tips on an induction hob

Small reminder, induction hobs are totally prohibited for people with a pacemaker. Indeed, these induction plates work thanks to the " eddy current " and thus thanks to electromagnetism, and can interfere in the functioning of a pacemaker. It is therefore advisable for people with this device as well as those with cochlear implants to avoid the purchase of these devices. It is better to refer to a gas hob.

Likewise, with regard to the installation of built-in hobs, and given that these devices are sensitive to electromagnetic fields, it is advisable to avoid installing them above washing machines or dishwashers . In addition, make sure that ventilation is available at the front and rear of its location. This installation is to be done according to the manufacturer's instructions. For the rest, let's take a look at the problems you may encounter when using these plates on a daily basis.

These plates operate electrically, we do not recommend that you attempt anything to repair them if you are not sure what you are doing and if you must do so, unplug your device first to avoid electric shock. The after-sales service, as well as the professionals, are there to help you with any problem.


Why is my induction hob making noise?

When switching on your plate you can hear different noises, not all of them spell the end of your device. Let's take a look at the different types of noise, and how to deal with them.

If when switching on your plate emits "beeps", first check that the keys are not locked by a child safety device, a device increasingly present on new devices. If necessary, have your instructions with you. If you no longer have it on hand, do not hesitate to contact us; we can help you find it.

If the lock is not engaged, the touch buttons may be dirty. Of water or food residue can trigger it. To solve this problem, nothing could be simpler, just clean the plate. Do not rub too hard, do not use abrasive products. A simple sponge and a little baking soda combined with a drop of white vinegar should suffice.

The second possibility, you hear a noise as if something is burning, like a crackle. Don't worry, it could be your cooking appliances, a poorly wiped pan, or if a burnt residue is still underneath, or even on the hob. To prevent this from happening, wipe and clean your utensils well before using them.

If your device finally creaks or sounds louder, the problem may require professional help or your device's after-sales service if it is still under warranty. The problem may be with the power board and it may then be necessary to change it.

Why is my induction hob flashing?

First of all, the first reflex, perform a simple electric reboot. Unplug or Pardon the interruption of your plate, wait five to ten minutes, and reconnect it. Your plate should then have reset. If not, let's move on.

Can you distinguish where the failure is coming from ? Did this occur after cooking? In this case, it could simply be that your plate is warning you that it is still hot and that there is therefore a danger. Leave the lights off and let it cool, the light should go out on its own.

In another case, if the number 8 is displayed everywhere on your keyboard, nothing serious, it may experience discomfort in terms of touch. To overcome this problem, properly clean your hob and unplug/reconnect your hob. Sometimes too bright kitchen hood lights can be a problem and scramble your hob.

Finally, if a light flashes and a fault code is displayed. In this case, refer to the instructions. If in doubt, you can ask us the question by first providing us with the reference of your device. If your device is still under warranty, do not attempt any manipulation that could damage your device and contact your retailer's after-sales service.

Why is my induction hob turning off?

Here the problem can be more complicated. First, take care to clean your plate well to be sure that the problem can not be with water or burnt food left on it.

For this problem, the help of a service representative or a technician may be required. If you are under warranty, do not try to resolve the problem yourself and contact the after-sales service of your dealer or the manufacturer in the case of certain purchases on the internet.

A hotplate that goes out just after ignition can be explained by a fan problem if the fan does not start. Your plate goes out because it lacks air. If you can get your plate off the counter, see if it kicks in and dust it off if you think it's necessary. If your fan is running correctly, the problem may be with the electronic board. More complicated to change, sometimes to find, or very expensive, we advise you to go through a professional to change it. A little reminder, do first prepare a quote to see if the repair is worth it.

Why does my induction hob not turn on?

The first step is to do the basic checks. Check that your plate is properly connected, that it is not tripped, or that the wires are not cut.

For the following possibilities, if you are under warranty, first contact the after-sales service of your dealer or manufacturer. We remind you that the simple fact of trying to repair a fault yourself and then contacting the after-sales service may void your warranty because all devices are protected.

If you are not anymore, you can try to see for yourself. Behind your plate or below, you should be able to see a terminal block where all the wires are plugged in. Sometimes just the simple fact that a screw is unscrewed or a loose wire is loose and your device will not turn on anymore. Likewise, if the terminal block is damaged, it may need to be changed. We remind you that even if this manipulation seems easy to do alone, it should absolutely not be done if you are still under warranty.

Finally, last possibility but not the least, the electronic card is out of order and in this case, it will be necessary to contact a repairer or an after-sales service in order to have an estimate made or simply the repair.

Why is my induction hob locked on security?

First of all, at the beginning of the article, we reminded you of the installation conditions. Check that these are perfectly respected, otherwise your plate will be put in safety.

On the instructions for your induction hob, you can find a section explaining how your induction hob works. Refer to this section to see how to disable this feature. If you no longer have your manual, they are often available on the internet for the most recent models. We are also there to help you find them if necessary, do not hesitate to send us a message informing us of the brand of your device and its reference but also if it is still under warranty.

Finally, simpler even if this solution should not be the only solution, switch off and reconnect your plate. This solution can help if this happens once or twice to your plaque but under no circumstances should it become recurrent if your plaque keeps getting safe. In this case, contact the after-sales service of your dealer or a professional so that he can make a diagnosis.


In summary, the breakdowns on the hobs

The induction hobs are a revival in the art of cooking. More efficient but also very technical, it is unfortunately never possible to ensure that these devices will last for years without the slightest problem. We, therefore, advise you to buy in stores or sites where you know that the after-sales service is there ( avoid marketplaces and “catch-all” sites ). Prefer specialized sites or retail stores.

Likewise, we always advise you to take the warranty extensions which will ensure your devices are repaired or exchanged free of charge for 5 years.

Finally, remember that we are here to help you whenever possible. Do not hesitate to send us questions or comments so that we can help you without forgetting to mention the brand and the reference of your device. We will get back to you as soon as possible to help you resolve your issue.

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