induction and ceramic cooker

Product Description

Product Code: 20HLB1T1

1. CE & CB
2. Touch control
3. metal shell
4. A grade crystal glass 300x520mm
5. 4 Digital led display
6. 9 power levels for adjustment
7. High quality heating plate;high/low heating or voltage protection
8. Suitable for any materials pot
9. Automatically shut off if lack of pot or the pot is empty
10. Multiple functions and timer,lock setting

Safety features

1.high/low heating or voltage protection
2. safety shutoff
3.high temperature limitation;
4.Anti overflow;
5.Child lock;
6.Oval heating;
7.Residual heat indicator

Does not occupy space

More beautiful countertop

Inductionc Ooker Delicacy


Pure copper plate

Pure copper plate

Uniform heating

Uniform heating

Stable filling

Stable filling

Cooling heat dissipation

Cooling heat dissipation

Gourmet Cooking

Good Food ls Readily Available

Gourmet Cooking

Waterproof and
scratch-proof panel

Waterproof And Scratch Proof Panel

2000w power

Continuous small fire continuous heating
fire uniform not paste bottom


Touch Control, Convenient Operation

One-button operation, convenient operation; Safety brass lock+double
electromagnetic design, convenient and safe

Temperature Adjustment

Temperature adjustment

Timer Function

Timer function

Menu Options

Menu options

Operation Board

No fire to cook


Fast Heat Dissipation

Using the most advanced thermal cycling cooling system with unique structure for rapid cooling effect

Induction Cooker Cooling


Prevent children from accidentally
touching injuries

Child Lock Top

Child Lock

Glass Ceramic and Durable

Induction Cooker Material

Product Sizes

Length 360mm wide 300mm high 58mm

20HLB1T1 Product Sizes


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