Plyn, indukčný alebo elektrický - ktorý varný panel je pre mňa ten pravý?

Okrem rúry, the hob is the heart of the kitchen. So it's no wonder that kitchen enthusiasts are divided into three camps: plyn, electric and induction . Cookers with mass hobs made of cast iron, as we know them from the past, are considered obsolete. Nowadays, due to the high energy and cleaning requirements, they are no longer installed in new kitchens. Regardless of whether gas, electric or induction: every hob is suitable for frying, boiling and steaming. Even so, there are advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before making a purchase. Not only usability and energy efficiency play a role here, but also the safety of the people living in the household.

Indukčná pochúťka Ooker


Indukčná varná doska: quick, clean and economical

With induction, the hob itself is not heated. There is an induction coil made of wire under the glass ceramic plate. Current flows through the coil and generates an alternating magnetic field. The energy that is generated in the process is transferred to the pot and the food in it in the form of thermal energy.

With induction varné dosky , it is not the hob itself that heats up , only the pot. If you remove the pot, the hotplate is only slightly warm due to the waste heat. Burning like with electric hobs is not possible here. Families with children especially appreciate this. An additional safety aspect is the pot detection: Ak na indukčnom povrchu nie je hrniec, no coil is activated. Since the hotplate does not heat up, rozliatie nehorí - obrovská výhoda pri čistení.


Operačná rada


Zahreje sa iba dno hrnca

Ďalšou výhodou indukcie je, že sa skutočne ohrieva iba dno hrnca, regardless of its size. For induction novices, it should be mentioned that noises can be made when cooking on the indukcia hob. These result from the rapid heating of the bottom of the cookware, which works “mechanically” due to the heat. And the hob itself can also start to hum or crackle, especially when it is at full power.

Advantage number three is the enormous efficiency of this technology. With induction, you can bring the spaghetti water to the boil about twice as quickly as with gas and almost three times as quickly as with a conventional hotplate. This can influence your cooking habits under certain circumstances: While you used to be able to put water on to wash the potatoes in peace and quiet, as an induction cooker you will now have to do this beforehand. Because the water really boils after a very short time! When it comes to operation, ovládanie indukčného sporáka je pohodlné a jednoduché na väčšine zariadení pomocou dotykovej obrazovky.

Pri rozhodovaní o indukčnej technológii musíte mať na pamäti jednu vec: You may only use pots and pans that are suitable for induction. With your conventional stainless steel or aluminum pots, the food stays cold on the induction stove. In the meantime, však, existuje riad od všetkých známych výrobcov, ktorý je možné použiť na všetky typy sporákov - and at affordable prices too. You should therefore by no means make your decision for or against induction based on your equipment with pans and pots.




The induction hob - advantages and disadvantages

energy-saving, as only the pot surface is heatedmore expensive to buy than the other technologies
absolutely childproof, no risk of burnsonly works with induction-compatible cookware
best heat development of all systems 
very easy cleaning 

Cooking and frying without constant control

Unfortunately, something goes wrong every now and then when cooking on the induction hob. Because without constantly checking, the risotto burns quickly or the milk boils over. Solutions for this can now be found on the market using sensors attached to the potprevent exactly this. All you have to do is specify the required temperature level and the induction hob, in conjunction with the sensor, does the rest. This saves you from having to constantly monitor the temperature and can use your valuable time more sensibly. Intelligent sensors integrated into the hob serve the same purpose, making it possible to work with constant heat even with pan-fried dishes. The sensors constantly check the temperature and the hob regulates the energy supply so that the temperature that has been set is maintained. So the juicy steak always succeeds to the point.


Electric hob: A classic for decades: the electric hob with glass ceramic. For safety and energy reasons, však, many prefer the induction hob.



Electric hob: inexpensive solution with proven technology

Electric hobs made of glass ceramic began their triumphant advance in the mid-1970s and dominated technical kitchen equipment worldwide in the years that followed. In terms of energy, these hobs are far superior to the well-known cast iron hobs. Because of the smooth surface, these fields are easy to clean. One disadvantage, však, is the burning-in behavior: Aj trochu rozliateho mlieka zmutuje na škaredé kôrky, ktoré je možné odstrániť iba špeciálnym nožom ostrým ako britva.

Avšak, pokiaľ ide o rýchlu dostupnosť a presné dávkovanie tepla potrebného na varenie, induction technology has now outstripped them. Since the hotplate stays hot longer even after it has been switched off, na jednej strane sa stratí veľa energie a hrozí aj popálenie.

Pohodlná obsluha

Prevádzka elektrickej varnej dosky je veľmi pohodlná: all functions can be easily accessed with the fingertip on a dotykový ovládací panel . Select the hob, regulujte teplotu a nastavte časovač, to všetko je možné vykonať prstom bez tlačidiel a prepínačov.

You can also vary the size of the hob with most manufacturers. For small pots, napríklad, používate iba malú časť príslušnej varnej dosky, which is shown graphically. Navyše, tam je teraz tiež "pan uznanie" for electric hobs. The hob switches off automatically when you remove the pot. Another disadvantage of glass ceramics: if the glass surface is roughly hit, it can crack or break.


The electric hob - advantages and disadvantages

energetically better than cast iron hobshigher power consumption compared to induction
easy to care for and easy to cleansensitive to burn-in
simple operation by touchThe hotplate remains hot for a long time after it has been switched off




Plynová varná doska : Typical in the professional kitchen: the gas stove. The heat is quickly available and easy to dose. Avšak, cleaning the pan supports is not that easy. Navyše, plyn nie je úplne neškodný.

Plynová varná doska: obľúbený medzi profesionálmi

The plynová pec is a tried and tested concept and is particularly popular and appreciated in the catering trade. There are different variants: sebestačné plynové varné dosky, plynové varné dosky viazané na sporák, domino gas hobs and even gas hobs under glass. Usually the hobs have four, sometimes only two burners. The systemic advantage of a gas stove is the rapid availability of great heat - and the fact that the heat is gone immediately when the flame is extinguished. Navyše, there is the viditeľný, jemná ovládateľnosť plameňa . All of this makes the gas stove the favorite appliance in the professional kitchen.

But the good properties of the actual cooking fade a little when it comes to cleaning the gas hobs after the menu has been prepared. In most models, the pan supports for pots and pans can be cleaned in the dishwasher. But the raised gas nozzles have to be cleaned by hand or in the sink, which is very laborious. The stove surface is also not as easy to wipe as an electric or induction hob, thanks to the integrated gas burner.

Gas is cheap

To do this, the gas stove requires that your building has a gas connection. Otherwise you have to work with gas cylinders, which are ideally placed in the stove, which of course entails regular replacement of the cylinders. And in order not to suddenly stand in front of the cold stove, odporúča sa zásobiť sa náhradnou plynovou fľašou, which also takes up space. However you design the gas management: Cooking with a gas stove is definitely more economical than with the electrical systems. Even with the gas supply with the deposit bottle, prevádzkové náklady sú výrazne nižšie ako tie, ktoré musíte vypočítať pre elektricky ovládanú pec.

Napriek tomu, the gas stove has a decisive disadvantage for many. Leaky lines, defective valves or ailing connections can in extreme cases lead to a gas explosion. In addition to regular self-directed checks, ročná rutinná kontrola špecializovanou spoločnosťou (napríklad plynárenská spoločnosť) is definitely worthwhile. Although this is not required by law, you are on the safe side. With a gas hob, pracujete s otvoreným ohňom, so it is particularly important not to leave children unattended in the kitchen. You should also not leave pot holders or other textiles too close to the gas hob, otherwise there is a risk of fire. If you play it safe and still don't want to do without gas cooking, môžete sa rozhodnúť pre plynovú varnú dosku pod sklo.

Plynová varná doska - advantages and disadvantages

dobrá ovládateľnosť plameňaHoráky sa ťažko čistia
rýchla dostupnosť teplaPlynové pripojenie alebo dodávka s plynovými fľašami je potrebná
veľmi nízka spotreba energievysoké náklady na údržbu plynových potrubí




Profesionál v kuchyni radí: vyberte si domino dosky!

Je tiež možné vzájomne kombinovať rôzne vlastnosti rôznych typov kachlí - with so-called domino dosky . These are usually 30 alebo 40 centimeter wide hobs that can be flexibly combined with one another. Napríklad, gas and induction hobs can be used at the same time. If you like pan-fried foods, výdatné raňajky so smaženými vajíčkami a opraženou slaninkou alebo čerstvými minútkami, môžete mať zabudovaný gril teppanyaki - nahrádza panvicu a je skvelým doplnkom k iným druhom varenia.

Kuchynská profesionálka Claudia Frey, majiteľ kuchynského štúdia v Kandeli to je kvalifikovaný spoločnosťou kueche.de , vysvetľuje: “The manufacturers offer you a wide range of technical solutions that can be combined with one another. Touto cestou, aj s vysokými nárokmi, nájdeme pre vás technologický mix, ktorý ideálne vyhovuje vašim požiadavkám a zvykom. "Pri plánovaní varnej dosky, you should therefore work out with your kitchen planner how your habits can best be reconciled with the right technology permit. For this, samozrejme, musia byť objasnené technické požiadavky.

Tipy na plánovacie stretnutie

  • Aké pripojenia je možné implementovať (plyn / elektrina)?
  • Ako dôležité je bezpečnostné hľadisko (deti v domácnosti)?
  • Ste viac z pečeného typu? The wok type? The pot type?
  • Ktorá rúra vyhovuje vášmu plánovaniu (plynová rúra, vstavaná rúra v bloku sporáka)?
  • Koľko varných dosiek to musí byť?
  • Energia kľúčového bodu: Kedy sa indukčný sporák zaplatí kvôli nižšej spotrebe energie??

Ak objasníte tieto otázky, spolu s kuchynským profesionálom dospejete k výsledku, ktorý z vašej kuchyne urobí perfektný obytný priestor a z ktorého sa budete dlho tešiť.




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