Why doesn't the induction hob work?

Is the induction hob not working? What can be the causes

Before seeing the reasons why an induction hob does not work, to is good to understand how induction cookers work.

How does an induction hob work?

Firing is guaranteed by the coils located under the ceramic glass top. The electrical energy that powers the coils generates a magnetic field that heats the pots.

In this way an indukcijska kuhalna plošča can guarantee an excellent efficiency, približno 90%, while a traditional gas cooker has an efficiency of 40%, as a good part of the heat produced is dispersed into the environment.

Poleg tega, cooking with an induction hob is faster and more precise, because the heat spreads evenly over the pan. Potem, the absence of flames avoids the risks of any gas leaks. Induction hobs offer many advantages, but like all appliances, they can be subject to breakdowns and malfunctions.

Why doesn't an induction hob work?

There can be several reasons why an induction hob does not turn on:

  • faulty power supply
  • hob clamps damaged or incorrectly connected
  • defective electrical board

In these cases, it is advisable to rely on a specialized technician who can verify any failure and carry out the appropriate operations to solve it.

Furthermore, it may happen that the touch recognition of the induction hob does not work due to liquids or substances that have dirty the keyboard with which you control the kitchen.

To solve this problem, just clean the hob with special detergents and a microfibre cloth. It may also happen that the indukcijska kuhalna plošča ne prepozna lonca. Za kuhanje na indukcijski plošči, pravzaprav, potrebno je uporabiti emajlirano železo, lito železo, in lonci in ponve iz nerjavečega jekla. Izogibati se je treba tistim iz keramike ali terakote.


Indukcijska kuhalna plošča se ne segreje


Ali kuhalna polja indukcijske plošče ne kuhajo več pravilno? Let's try to investigate the possible causes behind this problem.














Before working on the appliance, make sure it is disconnected from the mains.
Danger of electrocution.
Wear suitable gloves,
cut hazard.

Used pots and pans are not suitable



If you use aluminum pots and pans, you should know that these are not suitable for induction cookers. For this type of appliance, it is preferable to prefer materials in cast iron or steel. It is in fact necessary that the pots have a relatively high ferrous content in order for them to heat up properly.

Če želite izvedeti, ali so lonci in ponve združljivi z indukcijskimi kuhališči, postavite magnet na spodnji konec pekača: če se drži, morajo biti združljivi.

Opozorilo: some stoves are more sensitive than others. Zaradi tega razloga, tudi če imajo orodja poseben simbol za indukcijo, it is recommended to try them on the hob to verify that they are actually suitable.

The power of the induction cooker is too low



Each hob has a different power, which depends on the number of electronic boards it is equipped with: a hob can have, na primer, six cooking zones operating independently (pri največji moči), since they have an individual electronic power unit.

On other cookers, the cooking zones work in pairs since there is only one electronic unit for every two burners. This means that, by setting one zone to maximum power, drugi štedilnik, ki ima isto elektronsko ploščo, ne bo mogel storiti enako in bo manj zmogljiv.

Obstajajo tudi kuhalne plošče, kjer kuhališča delujejo v popolni harmoniji: vsi gorilniki so povezani v eno samo enoto, in samo eden od štedilnikov lahko torej deluje z največjo močjo.

Kupite napajalno ploščo za kuhalno ploščo

Kuhalna plošča je bila napačno konfigurirana



Vedeti morate, da lahko nekatere kuhalne plošče programirate za delovanje 2,500 vatov (16 ojačevalniki) do 7,200 vatov. If you find that your appliance is heating too little, it may be that the hob you just bought has been configured with too low a power. To understand the power that has been established and/or modify it on the device, it is necessary to consult the instruction manual!

The electrical system is not up to standard



To function optimally, induction hobs must be powered by the correct electrical voltage, typically 230 voltov. Some stoves will not work properly if the voltage is below 210 voltov, as they do not heat up enough.

Very often this voltage problem occurs in winter since the system is stressed by domestic heating, consequently causing a significant voltage drop.

To check the voltage of the electrical system you can use a multimeter in voltmeter mode and measure the voltage present in the kitchen from any electrical outlet. Then place several pots on the stove and activate the cooking zones. If the voltage drops dramatically towards a value of 210 voltov (ali manj), this is the reason why the induction cooker does not heat enough. V tem primeru, we recommend that you consult your electricity supplier.

The electrical clamp is not tightened properly



It may happen that the connection clamp on the hob or on the wall connection is not tightened correctly, causing only partial operation of the appliance. V tem primeru, tighten the visible union screws and try again.

If your stove is new and only two of the four cooking zones work, we recommend checking that the wiring diagram is correct as the appliance may have been connected incorrectly.

Advice It is
better not to always use the same cooking zone but to make them work in rotation; if the same burner is always used, its coil could overheat and deteriorate rapidly.

The electronic board is faulty



The elektronska plošča undergoes a lot of stress during cooking. Over time, this could lead to a loss of stamina. V tem primeru, the hob will indicate an error code on the display and will only operate at low power, therefore at temperatures that are not sufficient to heat a pot. If you have difficulty diagnosing this component, do not hesitate to contact our customer service or a technician authorized by the manufacturer of the appliance.

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