Bếp từ với nồi áp suất

Nó đã được 4 nhiều năm kể từ khi tôi sử dụng bếp từ.

Từ lúc bắt đầu, Tôi đã mua hai cái.

Bạn có nghĩ cái thứ 3 là phổ biến nhất không? Nó có phải là mô hình chính không? the price was better

I didn't like the pots bumping into each other and being narrow.

Two balls are enough for me.

Tuy nhiên, if both are induction lol


At the time of my purchase, there were no models with only induction. ㅠㅠ Maybe I didn't find it.. lol

I comforted him by saying, 'You'll need a highlight too~'

When I try to use it, the highlight doesn't work.


Even the pots were all made of stainless steel (Đương nhiên, the highlight doesn't matter which pot)

Induction is easy to cook.


It's not hot in summer and I can't get used to feeling the heat when I turn on the highlight.

It was convenient to do it only on induction.

Should I just say I've gotten into that habit?


Induction is good, so I only use induction.

The highlight is when you eat seaweed? I use it when roasting dried squid ^^

So, I used to think about whether to give mine to my younger brother and live with only induction.




That was the case until I bought the pressure cooker.


I cooked rice with induction and wow.

It's over in 20 minutes until the steaming time~!!!


also fast

But I didn't know the taste of rice was so good. It wasn't bad, but I had to learn how to control it.

Sau đó, I realized that the rice tastes better if I add the pressure cooker and make a noise and cook it on high heat for 2 phút + reduce the heat and steam for 3 minutes on medium heat.

It is more cumbersome than an electric pressure cooker.


Nội tuyến 57999


The highlight is the duel.

As above, it is adjusted to a small crater and a large crater.


Haha The reason why I threw a highlighted photo at this point

Suddenly, Bob likes highlights~ It's time to say, haha.


20 minutes until steaming time by induction,

The highlights took a little longer. 22 phút (it takes a little longer to boil)

Tuy nhiên, the induction should be turned off after changing the heat from high to medium heat,

There is no need to adjust the highlight because the residual heat is strong.

Just set the timer and you're done.


When making rice for 3 people, if you assume that it boils in 7 minutes on high heat, just set the timer to 7 phút, and you will have amazingly savory and sticky rice.

It's a complete hallelujah~ ^^ This is a revolution~!! (Convenience comparable to that of an electric pressure cooker)


I forgot my role for 4 năm,,,

I found it now

Highlight, you are now for the pressure cooker only... lol

You don't have to buy a new induction.. haha


ngoài ra, the taste of the rice is excellent, so even if the side dishes are a little lacking, you can feel confident about something.

The rice is delicious, so the side dishes are only helpful Hincoo

đầu bếp

Cooking is also a piece of equipment!

If you are remodeling your home, I would recommend replacing it with induction.

It is good for health, sự an toàn, and makes cooking really easy ^^


My mom and dad in their 60's and 70's also switched to induction this year and said it's good.

Thông thường, people in the old days long for what they wrote in the past? This is it, but this is not

But I don't think there's anything better about the old gas stove.


Hey, I'm an old person too,

Stationery in front of the school when you were young? I think of the stickiness that I used to cook on a briquette stove, but I also have memories of a gas stove. There doesn't seem to be anything good about it.



I have a pressure cooker

It was a delicious you to cook.

< Hướng dẫn + pressure cooker collaboration = thumbs up >

Inductionc Ooker Delicacy

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