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We provide warranty service

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During 11 years we continuously learn and improve our development techniques. Our innovations are central to important cutting-edge technologies.

Single Head Induction Cooker Application Scenarios

Application Scenarios Of Single Head Electric Ceramic Stove

Application Scenarios Of Induction Cooker

Multi Head Induction Cooker Application Scenarios

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Induction Cooker
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Induction cooking uses electric currents to directly heat pots and pans through magnetic induction
How to choose an induction cooker
The electric ceramic stove generates heat directly, and is not restricted by stove pots, etc. As long as it is a flat-bottom pot, any material can be used
How to choose an electric ceramic stove
Induction cooker and electric ceramic stove have similar functions, but electric ceramic stove has more functions, and can also be used for heating in winter, BBQ, etc.
Their difference is


  • Induction cooker - The product line helps to maximize cooking and save time for housewives. And which type of induction cooker is good is the question of many consumers today. On the market, there are many product lines with diverse designs, designs,

  • Due to the fact that our world has changed and developed continuously, especially the production of new innovations such as the latest kitchen appliances. Which has several purposes Whether it is for people who need to control weight. Or people who w

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Assembly LineHincoo Appliance set up in 2010, sales office in Shenzhen, factory located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province China.


We specialize in manufacturing induction cookers and ceramic cooktops with 1 to 6 burners. Most of them sell to Korea, Europe, Americqa, Taiwan, Russia, Australia, Asia and Middle East etc. basic on our more than 70 certificates. Until now, we got 40 patents and ISO9001, ISO14001, BSCI. Every year, we are developing 3-5 new models.
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